I believe that every one of us has the capacity to truly live the lives we've imagined.  Often we are the ones that put up obstacles to reaching our potential.  Fear of failure and a lack of self-belief are what can block our path to performance.  My passion for inspiring others, along with a background in Psychology and competing as a Professional Athlete, has helped many remove these obstacles and go on to achieve more than they thought possible.


My core passion is to coach people to reach their goals, whether that be in life, sport, or business.  My philosophy is centered around BALANCE - in order to succeed you must address all facets of you as a person, not just the discrete goals in which you strive for.  Head to the Coaching page to see specifically what I offer.


I currently write a bi-weekly blog about 'the top 3 inches', how to ensure you are in an optimal mindset for all life throws at you, see the blog section.  I also write for the NZ Herald Business section on the topic of what corporates can learn from high performing athletes.  See the Articles section for the latest.  I have presented these learnings to many companies around the World, contact me if you are interested in how I can inspire high performance in your team or workplace.

Achieve more than you ever thought possible!